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Premium Corporation – Get Started Now

Congratulations! You are ready to form your corporation

CenterPoint Corporate Services has streamlined our 9 Point, Online Process to make it simple and comprehensive. You are just a few short steps away from forming your Corporation.

Step 1: Choose the type of Corporation that you want to form: C-Corp or S-Corp

Step 2:  Choose your State of Formation and select the "SUBMIT" button

Step 3: You will be taken to the Premium Corporation package (Premium, Standard, etc.)

Step 4: Customize your Package (Add Phone Services, Mail Forwarding, Company HQ, etc.)

Step 5: Purchase your Package (Select the "Add to Shopping Cart Button" and continue through checkout.)

Step 6: Complete the Online Questionnaire Our questionnaire helps guide you through the process, collecting all the necessary information so that we can complete the formation documents for you.

Step 7: Your CenterPoint Client Representative will prepare your formation documents Should there be any questions you will receive a follow-up email or phone call for clarification.

Step 8: Retrieve and review your formation documents from the CenterPoint Vault™ To assure your privacy, we deposit your documents into our secure online CenterPoint Vault™, which is accessible from your "My Account" page.

Step 9: Filing with the appropriate governmental agencies CenterPoint takes care of filing your formation documents and will notify you immediately once they have been filed with the Secretary of State. All your documents will be available to you in the CenterPoint Vault™.